Monday, December 15, 2008

Santa Stories

Santa's waving, long beard appears from the chimney, a big cloud of ashes and smoke rushes down after him. Big, black boots falling from a big fluffy cloud. Blood streams from top to bottom, a big buckle around his wobbly bowl of jelly. "Ho ho ho," he laughs, sending a Merry Christmas throughout the world.
By Erina

On the night before Christmas, Santa visits everyone and all of us with our presents. Squeezing down the chimney, popping out the end, covered in ash. His belly is as sloppy as a bowl of jelly, his lips are all dried up. Filling up the stockings and placing presents under the tree. Picking himself up and gathering his sack he hops on his sleigh. Away with a push of the reindeers hooves. Soaring through the sky, back to the North Pole. When the children awake in the morning they awake to a happy day with all of their presents and time with their families.
By Jenaya

Who is he?
He has a scruffy beard and he can be found checking his list. He has reading glasses. He wears white or black gloves. He has blue eyes. He has a red and white hat. He has white, long hair. He has red and white sleeves. He loves milk and cookies. He is... Santa Claus!
By Emily

Santa Claus zooms down the chimney like a buzzy bee flying to the nectar flower. His beard is as white as a mountain of snow, he rides his sleigh, flowing through the snow. His eyes are as blue as the sunny sky. His reindeer fly over the sky pulling his sleigh . His red, red coat is like a ripe cherry. He spreads good wishes which make everyone merry. Santa fills the childrens stockings, making sure the reindeer don't leave droppings.
By Mackenzie

Santa Claus has a white sparkling beard and a black belt. He has a bright, red hat with a pom pom on the top. He has a round belly that reminds me of a big bowling ball. He delivers toys to everyone on Christmas Eve. Santa makes people feel happy and grateful.
By Tom

One night I heard a stomping noise on my roof. Suddenly I saw someone. He bounced down the chimney and landed on the soft, brown carpet in front of the fire. He was wearing red and white clothes and a black belt around his belly. When he finished placing presents under the Christmas tree he climbed back up the chimney like a strong wrestler. He landed on the thick, white snow outside, on the roof and flew away with his reindeer.
By Morgan

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