Thursday, December 11, 2008

Pinky V Caramello

Room 12 have been learning how to write arguments over the last few weeks. We pretended that Caramello and Pinky were the only bars in the world. We had to pick a bar and write why it is the best bar. Here are a few of the finished arguments. See if they convince you!


Pinkies are the best when you're feeling like a treat. They make your mouth water!

Firstly I think that Pinkies are great because they have less fat and that's good for you.

Secondly I think that if you like marshmallow, you will like Pinkies because they also have pink marshmallow in the middle and are coated on the outside with chocolate.

Thirdly Pinkies are squishy so it is easy to eat because it's soft on your teeth.

I truly think that Pinkies are a great little snack.

By Bennett


I believe that Caramello chocolate is the best chocolate in the whole wide world.

Firstly Caramello chocolate has 322 kg of energy which means you have energy to run around.

Secondly Caramello chocolate only has 10% of sugar. That's great so your teeth won't rot too much.

Thirdly in one pack there are 15 bars. What a treat!

Most importantly you can give your taste buds a bath in Caramello Cadbury chocolate.
Keep your kids happy for only three dollars! There are 15 in a pack so there is enough for the whole family!

By Nicole


I think Caramello chocolate is the best chocolate bar.

Firstly it has 10% sugar which is not that much so you won't become overweight.

Secondly it's a treat sized bard for a bit of energy before a bike ride, walk or any physical activity.

In addition it's only $3 for a packet of 15 whcih is a very good deal.

Lastly, the most important reason is it has a delicious dairy milk chocolate coat, filled with oozing caramello inside. Doesn't that sound yum?!

So eat Caramellow Chocolate today!

By Porsha

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