Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter Egg Writing

Shiny, gold and red tinfoil sparkles up at me. I start to unleash the egg from the tinfoil. It is a dark, furry chocolate ball. I pick it up and take my first bite. My mouth starts to water. It tastes really creamy and delicious.
By Zachary

I unravel the wrapping paper slowly. Suddenly I rip the glimmering, colourful wrapping paper into little bits. The creamy, brown chocolate dribbles down my chin. I hear myself crunching. The chocolate has started to turn into a stream in my mouth. The marshmallow is huge and chewy. I take another bite and another. "Yum!" I say. Then the Easter egg is all gone.
By Travis

The eggs have a smooth and crinkly texture. I slurp on one to get all the chocolate off. My mouth waters because of the lucious feeling of the coffee brown chocolate on my tongue. I look very hypnotised and dreamy at the rest of the eggs. Some look colassal. Mmmmm! One has a toy inside. I scoff them into my mouth. This gives me a stomach ache. "Oh! Ouch!" I yelp and howl. But Easter eggs are a nice chocolate treat!
By Erina

I can't believe my eyes. They are glimmering like the stunning blue sea. The golden wrapper is shining on my face when I look at it. I take a big, slobbery lick. I feel like I'm dreaming. The rich, dark chocolate is crashing in my mouth like a wave. It melts on my tongue.
By Erica

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Frog Life Cycle Dance!!!

Watch this space! Danielle has been busy on Wednesday's working with Room 12 putting together a dance about the frog life cycle. They have spent a lot of time looking at SPACE, LEVELS and TIMING. I was very lucky to have the class perform this dance to me today. I was amazed at what they have done and really impressed with it. We are planning to video it next week so that we can post it on the blog for everyone to view!

The Frog Princess Drama

Last week we did some Drama about a book we read. We focused on Role on the Wall, Hot Seating, Freeze Frame Images, Spoken Thoughts Aloud and looked at the elements of drama. These are some photos of us in role performing our freeze frame images to the class. We will self evaluate our efforts over the next few days.

Click on this link to go to a website explaining these Drama terms:

Take a Look at some of our Save the Frog Posters

Save the Frog Posters and Brochures

We have been busy creating Static Images lately. We decided to make Save the Frog posters. We looked at lots of different posters/advertisements and decided what made them appealing to the audience and what didn't. We felt really passionate about designing Save the Frog posters because we have found out that a lot of frogs are endangered and we need to protect them to ensure no more species become extinct.

We decided on the following criteria for our posters:
Bright, attractive COLOURS

Tidy, sensible LAYOUT

TITLE that stands out

A BORDER that frames our work


Relevant, interesting INFORMATION


MOTTO or SLOGAN to gain attention

LETTERING with good size and shape