Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter Egg Writing

Shiny, gold and red tinfoil sparkles up at me. I start to unleash the egg from the tinfoil. It is a dark, furry chocolate ball. I pick it up and take my first bite. My mouth starts to water. It tastes really creamy and delicious.
By Zachary

I unravel the wrapping paper slowly. Suddenly I rip the glimmering, colourful wrapping paper into little bits. The creamy, brown chocolate dribbles down my chin. I hear myself crunching. The chocolate has started to turn into a stream in my mouth. The marshmallow is huge and chewy. I take another bite and another. "Yum!" I say. Then the Easter egg is all gone.
By Travis

The eggs have a smooth and crinkly texture. I slurp on one to get all the chocolate off. My mouth waters because of the lucious feeling of the coffee brown chocolate on my tongue. I look very hypnotised and dreamy at the rest of the eggs. Some look colassal. Mmmmm! One has a toy inside. I scoff them into my mouth. This gives me a stomach ache. "Oh! Ouch!" I yelp and howl. But Easter eggs are a nice chocolate treat!
By Erina

I can't believe my eyes. They are glimmering like the stunning blue sea. The golden wrapper is shining on my face when I look at it. I take a big, slobbery lick. I feel like I'm dreaming. The rich, dark chocolate is crashing in my mouth like a wave. It melts on my tongue.
By Erica

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