Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Some Descriptive Writing

Today Room 12 was busy writing descriptions about the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games. Their goal was to write descriptions in an original way using strong adjectives and verbs. Here are a few pieces written by children who gave their best:

Crowded people watching the ceremony as striking fire wooshes by. Drums shatter and make a hugely loud sound. Footprint fireworks are heading to the birds nest then BANG, fireworks streaking out into the night sky! Thousands of people watching lights flashing with glee.
By Wilfie

Lights collide together with fire and creates something new. Drum sticks glowing like one million fire flies. My eyes start to burst out. The fiery tubes start to jump. My eyes burst even wider as the hands hammer down on the drums with a tube of fire. I'm amazed.
By MacKenzie

I saw the start of the Olympic Games. I saw drummers thrashing their drums and flashing footprints. There were holographic Olympic Rings and exploding stars. A flame ran around the nest with the crowd going wild. Man I wish I was there!
By James

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Contact Epic said...

I like your ending James.
woolfie and MacKenze nice adjectives