Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Our Wonderings!

Room 12 has been thinking hard about all the things that we want to find out about the South Pacific. Here are some of the things we have been wondering about:

  • How many people live in the pacific?
  • Does it snow in the pacific?
  • Why is it so hot there?
  • What are some of the traditions?
  • What games do the children play?
  • Are there any schools?
  • What are there native plants?
  • Is the South Pacific one if the biggest oceans?
  • Do they have a winter?
  • How many people live in Fiji?
  • What types of food do they have and drink?
  • How long does it take to get to Fiji and Samoa?
  • How far away is Fiji from New Zealand?
  • What is the population of Fiji and Samoa?
  • How big is Fiji and Samoa?
  • How do they make a vaka?
  • Why do they give people flower necklaces?
  • Is Hawaii part of the Pacific Ocean?
  • Why are the islands in the South Pacific warmer than NZ?


  • What is their money like?
  • What do they eat and how do they eat?
  • How many people live in the Pacific?


  • Why are the Pacific people brown?
  • Does it snow in the Pacific?
  • How many people are in the Pacific?
  • Where are their ancestors from?


  • How did the people get to the Pacific?
  • What language do they speak?
  • What do they eat?
  • How many countries are there?


  • What is the capital of Tonga?
  • How many people live in the South Pacific?
  • What kind of drinks do they drink?
  • What kind of food do they eat?


  • Do they have books in the South Pacific?
  • How do they catch their seafood?
  • Do they have pillows?
  • What is the Pacific Ring of Fire?


  • Do they have beds?
  • Do the boys have long hair?
  • Do they have cakes?
  • Do they have a hospital?


  • How do they make grass skirts and necklaces?
  • What language do they speak?
  • What are all the islands in the Pacific called?
  • Where are all the Pacific islands?


  • How much do coconuts cost?
  • Is there a lot of chocolate in the Pacific?
  • What do they sleep on?
  • Is Milo made there?


  • How long does it take to make a hula skirt?
  • How did the people get to the islands?
  • How do they cook their seafood?
  • How do they build buildings


  • What are the flower necklaces called?
  • Do they eat vegetables?
  • Why don't they have a lot of money?
  • Do they eat meat?


  • Do they have shops with expensive things?
  • Do they have to build their own boats to use on the sea?
  • Do they have medicine to cure themselves?

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