Friday, May 9, 2008

Is it a Fruit or a Seed?!

Today we found out about coconuts! Did you know that they are both a seed and a fruit? Coconut trees are referred to as the "tree of life" because they are very valuable due to their many uses. Raewyn brought a coconut to class for us all to share....but our first mission was to break into the hard, furry outer shell. We used a hammer and screw driver to make holes to drain out the coconut milk. We then wrapped it tightly in a towel and hit it very hard to break it into pieces. We all got to taste the fresh coconut. We then wrote descriptions about what the coconut tasted like. Some of us loved it, some of us really did not enjoy our coconut tasting experience! Here is some of our descriptions, see if you can guess whether the author liked or disliked the taste of coconut:

The coconut tasted like rice. It reminds me of a soothing milk drink. It is rich and it can be used to make rugs or houses. Bon appetite! - Cole (Year 3)

The coconut melted in my mouth. It started to dribble down my throat. I found my body at the rubbish bin spitting it out. I ran back to my desk to get a drink! I don't want to eat it again. -Rosanna (Year 3)

Today we bashed a hairy, brown coconut. It reminded me of a hard, heavy bowling ball. It was so crunchy it rusted my jaws. It tasted like rock and cement. The coconut was creamy white with bits of wood on top. It was so revolting! It tasted worse than rotten fish! - Amy (Year 4)

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Mrs. Carole Ayres said...

Wow room 12, how very cool that you have your very own blogspot. I have really enjoyed looking and learning from it! I can't wait to see what you will do next....
Mrs. Carole Ayres (mackenzie's mom)